Currently in Early Access on the Steam StoreSteamHammerVR – The Rogue Apprentice is only a few weeks away from its full Summer release.

The development team at GamestormVR are offering the opportunity for anyone to have their voice immortalised in their massive VR adventure based in Victorian London 1892.

SteamHammerVR is populated with lots of random street chatter which emanates from the dark alleyways around the city, the team have decided it would be a unique opportunity to invite the community to submit recordings for consideration of inclusion in the game.

Artistic Director ‘Magic’ Martin Rowe said, “London has long been a city populated with a rich diversity in people, so we invite anyone with any accent, age or nationality to get involved and get themselves in the game”

The team have suggested some ideas for lines of dialogue as a guide, audio should be submitted as Mono mp3 audio (192kbps) to the team at

Please also include your name to be included in the credits role!

The deadline for submissions is 18:00 Monday 3rd July 2017.


“Did you see that? Metal rats, running around, clear as day!!”

“Thats the queerest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“This is worse than 1666!!

“What are the government doing about this?”

“Can anybody hear me? I need help!!”

“Help, somebody please help!”

“Ow, ouch ow, get off, get off me you beastly thing”

“My old man smashed one up with an axe last night”

“Blast you Rattwurm!”

“We should hide at the Tower of London, it must be safe there!”

“Fancy a pint at the Skillington Arms?”

“What possible reason can that scoundrel have for doing this?”

“That Springhorn fellow is our last hope” “no there is another!”

“Help us, please help us (Scream)”

“Rats, damn rats everywhere!!”

“Surely Gladstone should be doing something about this”

“I told you in the bar when we were playing billiards, Tuesday night ….. Tuesday”

“Chim Chimeny Chim Chimeny Chim Chim Cheery”

“Where are the damn police”

“My cousin’s wife swears he she a metal bird in the sky”

“Gladstone said London is in a state of emergency and that we should be praying for a miracle”

“Stay in your homes, I said stay in your homes”

“The Prime Minister is recommending that people stay in their homes”

“No one really knows who this Steam Hammer fellow is”

“God save the queen, god save London”

“That’s that Steam Hammer fellow”

“I’ve never seen London so dangerous”

“The SteamHammer has some quite elegant weapons”

“I worry about my family’s future”

“Why is this Rattwurm character doing all this?”

“Metal creatures everywhere, this is a nightmare”

“I’m moving back to Yorkshire”

“Hundreds of the things….. razor sharp teeth…..I’m scared stiff”

“The end is nigh, I’m telling you, this is the end”

“This is judgement day, we have displeased the lord”

“HELP!!!!! Somebody save me!!!”

“The end is at hand, repent of your sins”

“Can this really get any worse”

“It’s got to be about money, It’s always about money”

“We’re all doomed, doomed I tell you!!”

“This is like something out of a Jules Verne novel”

“I can’t live like this anymore where are my tools?”

“If no-one is going to do anything about this I will!”

“This Rattwurm clown must be pure evil”

“Somebody must be getting rich out of this, someone is always getting rich”

“Rattwurm will hang for this!!”

“Everybody off the streets”

“Ive heard that they are all coming from the sewers”

“Lock your doors!!!”

“Who is Rattwurm, why is he doing this?”

“That SteamHammer is very brave….or suicidal”

“Cockles! Whelks! Get them while they’re fresh. A dozen Oysters – fresh today from Whitby Bay!”

“Fish! Fresh fish! Off the boat today from Grimsby! You won’t find fresher fish in London!”

“Roses! Beautiful fresh red roses! Give them to your sweetheart! A dozen red roses! Just a shilling!”

“Oranges, Bananas, Pineapples! Beautiful fresh fruit from the continent! Apples! Pears! Sweet and delicious!”

“Fresh eggs, laid today, come and get your fresh eggs”

Marks’ penny bazaar all items a penny each, weird and wonderful fancy goods”

Potatoes! Come and get your potatoes, put ’em in your canon, lovely king Edwards, come and get your potatoes!!

“Oi! Tony! Give us a hand with these crates!”

“Steve… Hey Steve… throw me that line. No, not THAT line… The other one… the thick one. Blimey… do I have to do everything myself? Right… cheers.”

“What do you mean I don’t have the right papers? I’ve got the papers right here. See… there… 200 crates of bananas… and they’re going brown. So don’t be a wally and let me do my ruddy job! Finally! Thank you!”

“Ooh smell that salty air”

“18 Months at sea and I come back to this”

“Seriously, I don’t know why i do this job”

“I suppose us sailors should be thankful there are no metal sea monsters too”

“Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Young girl found murdered in Whitechapel! Is Saucy Jack back on our streets? Read all about it!”

“Extra, Extra! Terror in Trafalgar Square! Giant mechanical beasts! Exclusive photographs! Extra. Extra! Read all about it!”

“Today only! The Times Cookery Supplement! Mrs Lovett reveals her secrets! What makes her pies so delicious? Read all about it!”

“Extra, Extra! Exclusive interview with Dr Obediah Springhorn! What makes the SteamHammer tick? Extra, Extra! Read all about it!”

“Extra, Extra! Gladstone declares state of emergency! Extra, Extra! Read all about it!” ”

“Extra Extra! birds seen over streets of London, could this be a hoax? Extra, Extra! Read all about it!”

“Good day sir. Any chance of a shilling for a fellow Londoner who’s down on his luck?”

“Sorry to bother you sir, but could you spare a penny to help fill my belly?”

“Got any spare change Mr? Come on just a penny or two”

“I aint eaten for 3 days, please help a chap in need”

“Spare a penny for an ex-soldier sir”

“Scuse me Mr, be kind to a chap needing shelter from the rats”

“All we ever get is gruel”

“Have you seen my old mate Dawkins?”

“The streets certainly aint paved with gold”

SteamHammerVR – The Rogue Apprentice will be available Summer 2017, initially for HTCVive, Oculus Touch and later for PlaystationVR.