Virtual and Augmented reality entertainment specialists Showstorm, announce that they are to move their Registered office to the UK’s thriving south coast tech haven, Brighton.

“Although we are still very much a virtual company with staff working remotely across the globe, Brighton is definitely the place to be for an ambitious futuristic company like ours to have a presence” stated Mark Bellinger the companies founder and Managing Director.

Showstorm will be making the move during July 2016 and are looking forward to making strategic alliances with other like minded companies in the city.

With a quite unique history in making bespoke Entertainers Software for some of the worlds most prestigious cruise ships, their newest pioneering plans using VR and AR are set to take live entertainment to a whole new level.

Already this year, the team at Showstorm have been spreading their creative wings into the gaming market with a launch later this year of a VR game for HTC Vive, PlaystationVR and Oculus called SteamHammerVR

SteamHammerVR will be available as a demo on Steam at the end of July 2016, the full game release is scheduled for Winter 2016.

Showstorm are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the community to get involved in the game, one of the limited edition perks on offer is called ‘THE CAMEO’ – Your chance to play a small cameo role in SteamHammerVR.

The development team will give you a few lines of dialogue to record for one of the supporting characters and you will be heard in the game and receive a voice over credit in the titles. They point out that your performance may not get you an Oscar or a BAFTA, but it could be the start of a blossoming acting career!