In a series of exciting announcements for VR gaming fans, Showstorm Ltd. the publisher behind GamestormVR today announced that the official title for their first VR game release in the SteamHammerVR franchise will be ‘The Rogue Apprentice – London 1892’
Scheduled for release from 9th December 2016 the VR adventure game time travels you back to a virtual Victorian London and immerses you in the story of Dr Obadiah Springhorn and his rogue apprentice Professor Rattwurm.

Your adventure as the ‘SteamHammer’ takes you on unique and fun missions in many iconic London locations whilst you yield several weapons powered by steam and other historic technologies to enable you to take on some absolutely tantalising and deviously intelligent automaton enemies.

Mark Bellinger, Showstorm’s Managing Director said “The SteamHammerVR (Preview) has been available for Steam users to play free for couple of months now and we have had so much positive and constructive feedback from the gaming community and players on our ‘Showstorm VR Zone Tour’ that we have no doubt that when the game is released just before Christmas that our fans will be blown away by all the new features and improvements we have made”
Although currently only available for the HTC Vive, Bellinger went on to say “We can also announce that we have already started work to extend all of our titles to the other VR platforms like PlaystationVR and Oculus and as such ‘The Rogue Apprentice – London 1892’ will be available elsewhere early in 2017.”


So confident of the games success and anticipated adoption of VR, Showstorm have announced commitment to fund two further adventures for the SteamHammerVR franchise as well as three other unique new titles all for release during 2017.
Mark finished by saying “I believe that the days of working on a game title for years are gone, the industry now needs lean dynamic developers who can deliver engaging new content from storyboard to polished release in just a few months and it is totally possible because that is exactly what we have just done”