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Our Birth

Stormology™ is the ethos and secret behind the birth of Showstorm. Back in 2008 before the company existed, Mark Bellinger, the company founder was working in the entertainment business and was amazed at how little use was being made of new technology. This experience inspired him to make things, well…just a little bigger and more spectacular; that was the vision to become The Business Behind the Show™

The Vision

Budgeting is an essential part of every business. The vision for Showstorm is to see how much can be done with a small budget, and using a combination of new and affordable technology with an entertainer’s desire to put on a BIG show, to transform a venue into something very special, in order to create that most precious of things: Great Memories.


Research & Development

After a lengthy research period which involved working in real show environments both in resorts and at sea. During this period Showstorm created hours worth of animated digital backdrops for ship stage shows and began fine-tuning some of the early version software tools for game shows, quizzes and bingo. it was now time to take Showstorm out into the marketplace and help others to bring their stages alive!


Showstorm designed and created all our own software programmes and geared them towards complete automation and ease of use. The Showstorm product range began to grow and constantly evolve, both to meet customer requirements and to fully utilise changes in technology. One of the essential key features to Showstorm products is understanding the nature of the ‘Live’ show environment.

To the High Seas

It was during 2010 that Showstorm started to roll out its first range of products which were exclusively designed for P&O Cruises, over the next year the range was deployed to the entire fleet including their then flagship ‘Ventura’.
At the end of 2010 Showstorm won its first award, the Smarta100 as one of the most resourceful, inspiring and disruptive small businesses in the UK.


Somewhere Between the Footlights and the Stars

Showstorm showcases on the worlds newest cruise ship, P&O’s ‘Azura‘ as our software is now delivered on the latest touchscreen technology, coupled with our bespoke software solution we start to establish ourselves as pioneers in LIVE entertainment.

Strategic partnerships with leading TV entertainment companies allows our product offering to extend to the creation of software for ‘Branded’ TV Gameshows.

As technology continues to advance at a relentless pace Showstorm begins redesigning its software to embrace the world of High Definition to keep its products right at the cutting edge.


Conducting the Audience

2012 was a landmark year where Showstorm launched successfully throughout the Holland America Line and rolled out its first full version of the Showstorm Conductor™ which combined all of Showstorms’ previous software tools into one easy to use interface.

Many features were added with improvements made and large amounts of updated content.
The Showstorm Conductor™ Version 1.3.1 was the first version to feature our unique fully customisable wireless buzzers which could be used throughout the product.

With the Showstorm Conductor™ an entertainer really did for the first time have the audience in the palm of their hand!


Taking on New Challenges

With the world in apparent financial meltdown, Showstorm’s product value became an even more important cornerstone to our client’s entertainment offering, our initial goal to provide people with affordable tools within budget restraints whilst delivering 1st class entertainment was really coming into its own.

During 2013 Showstorm expanded its portfolio of services to Film Production, Broadcast Graphics, Commercial Production and continued to wow its clients with being able to offer such high-quality output, on budget and on time.

Filming this year was finished for the first full feature-length film called ‘Seat of Judgement’ 


Innovating Product, Investing in People

2014 saw some very exciting developments at Showstorm, a year that saw firm foundations for the future put in place with an ambitious new product development portfolio planned and the seeds of greatness planted in our continued investment in people.

Showstorm were truly ready to be challenged with peoples creative dreams into 2015!


Pioneering, Prestige & Product Launches

2015 was an audacious year which saw the launch of more than four unique brand new gameshow products and version 3.0 of our core Entertainers Software the ‘Showstorm Conductor’ all delivered via our bespoke hardware platform called the ‘Showstorm Hub’ which first went live in Spring 2015.

New and unique bespoke Showstorm product debuted on one of the newest luxury ships in the world with the launch of the P&O Britannia in March 2015, not to mention a stunning range of premier product which now features throughout the most prestigious cruise line in the world… Cunard’s three Queens.


A Year of Outstanding Realities

In 2016 Showstorm invested heavily in Research and Development of Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) as such became one of the world’s pioneers in developing this new futuristic of content.

The signature HUB® core product continued to deliver the power behind the show for our evolving Entertainers Software compendium of products, the team continues to create exciting, pioneering and fresh content for our exclusive clients.
Ongoing radical enhancements both technically and visually continue to be incorporated into our core software to ensure its position as the premier software tool in the live entertainment environment.


Virtually Unstoppable

After forming the new dedicated gaming division called GamestormVR 2017 saw the release of its first game called SteamHammerVR – The Rogue Apprentice which was made available on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift platforms.

2017 was an extremely challenging but rewarding year proving that Showstorm is once again capable of pioneering and delivering with the latest cutting edge developments in the entertainment industry.

Our Metaverse42 division began advising in many other business sectors on how they can utilise Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to set their businesses apart from the competition.


A Decade of History

In 2018 Showstorm marked the milestone of ten years in the entertainment business.

We are immensely proud of the memories that we have helped our clients create over the last decade and this year further defined our position as one of the worlds leading innovators of unique products for first-class live entertainment.

With many new successful VR and AR projects delivered this year and a growing order book for 2019, Showstorm has firmly established themselves as one of the most creative and pioneering companies in this fast and exciting growing sector.


Momentum & Massive Growth

2019 has been all about growth in both our product portfolio and expansion not only in business contracts but more importantly strategic alliances with key business partners and other leading technology innovators.

As predicted, there has been a steep rise in demand for VR & AR content development and as such our agile workflow and proven process makes us a proven pioneer in this field.


Empowering our Clients & Pushing the Limits of Technology

In 2020 Showstorm continued the production on an audacious array of products to ensure we are even more able to help our clients empower their businesses with technology like never before.

We were proud to become close strategic partners with Live Business and work with their clients TUI Group on TUI Gold and TUI River Cruises brands, as well as developing new interactive products for Brittany Ferries.



An Unstoppable Force

We don’t stop…we never stop!