Bring Your Board Game Alive

Have you ever thought of making your board game even more unique by bringing it alive?

When the entertainment industry constantly heads towards computer games and technology, what you can do to help your board game compete.

We can help you achieve that using Augmented Reality.

We have created a simple process to help you do this.


What is the Process?

1. You send us the existing instruction manual for your game (PDF) and some pictures of board and all accessories.
2. We will respond within 48 hours with a fixed price for creating and distributing the Augmented Reality App for expanding your game content
3. We will suggest options to make it more interactive than it is now
4. We include pricing for multiple language versions and fast amendments and updates.

We can enrich your brilliant idea using new technology, we can make it awesome!

Get started today and send us your PDF manual to get a quote: