Leading Virtual Reality developers Showstorm have announced today a contest challenging charities to take advantage of the latest VR Virtual Reality and AR Augmented Reality technologies.

Mark Bellinger, Showstorm’s Managing Director said “With the fast growing popularity and accessibility of virtual reality, it is emerging as a powerful and immersive storytelling device that charities can really embrace to achieve the maximum social impact.”

Some charities have already taken advantage, such as Alzheimer’s Research UK who have an app called ‘A walk through dementia’ that presents several everyday situations and challenges that Dementia sufferers are faced with regularly.

Mark went on to say “their project could be an immersive experience that will help translate their cause, it could be for training to help volunteers, it doesn’t even have to be 360° video, in VR and AR anything is possible, we want charities to get creative and really challenge us!”

Another charity already using virtually reality is The National Autistic Society Society , their 360° video enable you to feel every single sight, every single sound, every single stare that someone with autism endures on a simple trip to the shopping centre.

Showstorm has allocated a budget of £30k together along with their expertise to help bring the best ideas to actual reality.

All entry ideas will be showcased during March and April 2017 with the winners being chosen early in June 2017.

To get involved you can email charityvr@showstorm.co.uk with your idea, tweet @showstorm using the hashtag #VR4Charity or visit their Facebook page.