As software developers, Showstorm don’t really get out much, so after a rare public appearance in attending the Let’s Do Business Brighton Expo 2019 at the American Express Stadium last week, we are definitely sold on the idea that ‘we should get out more’.

We know that Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology whose time has come, but it is very clear that it still needs some heavy evangelising in the business community, because of the unanimous impact of people seeing VR for the first time in our unique All Senses Immersion (ASI) demo which we were showcasing for the first time.

The Showstorm ASI experience uses a wireless HTC Vive Pro to provide the visuals and spatial audio which is complemented by the addition of Steam Knuckles to provide haptic feedback to the hands, our sensory smell system and additional touch senses in this case provided by a fan system to simulate the wind.

As was highlighted in the Showstorm ‘Virtual Reality 101 Seminar’ VR really only has one major problem, in that, you simply have to experience it to understand it, the good news is that once you have put on that headset, even for just a few minutes, your world view of how good VR has become and just how powerful and impacting it will be on business over the next decade becomes obvious.

The story of the day was the same every time, “Have you ever tried VR?” we asked, some people thought they might have tried it in the past and some thought they knew what it was without trying it, many just simply had never gone ‘into the metaverse’.

Act two was donning the virtual headset and after a few brief instructions it happened, every time, big ear to ear smiles.

So it turns out that maybe VR’s only major disadvantage is ironically a major advantage in that rarely in life are things better than we expect.

Our feedback was 100% smiles which then prompted the questions, how would I use this in my business? Who would use this in my business? How can I use this to improve my customers’ experience? How would this save me money? How can this make me money? How can this save me time? and the questions kept on coming.

For many visitors, not only did the quality and visceral immersion of VR surprise them but the fact that many businesses are already using both VR and Augmented Reality (AR) to gain a competitive advantage in their sectors.

So, as a company we will be getting out more, particularly to take our VR demo to as many people as possible, that now needs to be a big part of our mission and responsibility in the business community.

And to be honest, after seeing all of those smiles and feeling the positive energy from people about what we are trying to help businesses to do, what better way to spend your day?